Lifestyles Physical Therapy was started by Kelly and Donn Campbell in 2008. In the 12 years since the company was founded the Campbell family has grown and so has the Lifestyles family. Lifestyles successful history has been assisted in no small part by an amazing staff. The current tenure is no different. We believe our current crew is expertly designed to meet your physical therapy and customer service needs. 



Our treatment and customer service philosophy is unique in the physical therapy world, in that we value your time first and foremost. Our treatments are typically much shorter, but also much more productive. You will never be asked to perform exercises at the clinic that you can effectively do at home. In addition, we'll never put you on a hot or ice pack at the clinic or have you ride the stationary bike prior to or after treatment. You pay to see a licensed physical therapist and that is exactly who you will get. While we have worked with many qualified PT assistants over the year, we do not feel that the use of them meshes with our overall philosophy. Consequently, you will always get the PT you want achieving a greater consistency of treatment. 



We accept most major insurances and even if we are not in network with your carrier we will do everything was can to make your visits affordable. We have found that with many plans you will actually pay less out-of-network than in. Call us and a member of our team will gladly explain how we can get you the best benefit possible. Prior to any visit with us we will thoroughly verify your in and out of network benefits. We can then explain and establish a benefits plan that is best for you.